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There are two kind of hard money advocates in the world. There are gold bugs and there are bitcoiners. Gold bugs like the shiny rock and think that gold should be the base money for a financial system. Bitcoiners agree with the core assumption of gold bugs: Hard money is better money. The two groups diverge when it comes to picking which hard money is the better option. Gold bugs chose gold. Bitcoiners chose bitcoin. This blog post unpacks the comparison between the two and explains, why I have chosen bitcoin over gold as my hard money.

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One of the most common questions I get from people who have heard about and are considering buying bitcoin, but have not yet, is this one: Why wouldn’t governments just outlaw and ban bitcoin? This blog post explores this idea, by shedding some light on the game theory behind bitcoin adoption. It discusses, why bitcoin can not be banned outright because of the nature of decentralized computer networks, and why bitcoin friendly jurisdictions will emerge as they already have in the past. Moreover, we explore that bitcoin is on a fundamental level nothing more than numbers and speech and as such protected by law in much of the western world.

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