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I have had some issues connecting my Zeus wallet to my LND node. Zeus wallet needs a lenghty hex string pasted in to connect to the node any I've not seen a good way to copy paste it. That's why I made zeusconnect, a python widget which serves the string on http on your node in your local network for easy copy paste on the phone. The tool is free and open source software on github. Feel free to run with it.

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In this article, I explain how to compile bitcoin core from source on linux and how to then install it on your linux node. This guide is for anybody, who wants to make a dedicated node box on an Ubuntu server or similar linux distro. It is based on john atacks excellent guide, which can be found here. I have however, made some modifications because I have run into some slight isses with the original guide, when i wanted to compile the software on my Lenovo m73 node box computer.

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Money is first and foremost a technology and humanity has had many different forms of money over the course of history: Fiat currencies, gold, silver and sea shells are all examples of differenet money technologies, which have come and gone. We are experiencing a new form of money emerge in digital form.

This new money is entirely digital and ledger based, just like most fiat currency is as well. Opposed to fiat currency, the emerging money technology has superior properties. The two biggest players in the space are Bitcoin and Ethereum. This article explores, which of the two is the better form of money.

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This blog post explains the pros and cons of storing bitcoin on an exchange and compares them with self-storage. What is easier? What is more convenient? What is safer? I go through these in detail. Exchange storage is convenient but comes with certain risks. Funds can be lost via phishing attacks, in hacks or via theft through rogue personnel. Mastering bitcoin self-storage removes these risks and is therefore the safer option but comes with a different set of challenges.

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Bitcoin is mischaracterized frequently. That's understandable, because bitcoin is a very complex subject. Recently, author Nassim Taleb has called bitcoin an "open Ponzi" scheme, which is why I decided to write about bitcoin through the lens of the Ponzi scheme, asking (and answering) the question: Is bitcoin a Ponzi scheme?

Bitcoin does not fit the definition of a Ponzi scheme. A guaranteed return with little or no risk is a crucial part the Ponzi scheme definition and bitcoin comes without such a guarantee, no matter how you slice it. Traditional money fits the Ponzi scheme definition much better as we shall explore.

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